My wedding hairstyle

<pre>My wedding hairstyle

As promised I would like to show you some details of my wedding styling. The beginning is my bridal hairstyle.

For me it was clear from the beginning how my hairstyle should look like. I really wanted to wear my hair open and do not have a classic bridal go-getting hairstyle. I just think that does not suit me. In addition, I wear my hair in everyday life practically only open. I also seldom see myself with a horse drop and if so, then only for sport.

My wedding hairstyle

Originally I wanted to do the hairstyle myself. But the closer the big day came, the more I rejected the thought. The hairstyle is not particularly difficult, but in combination with nervousness and time pressure, that could probably go wrong. So I sent some pictures to a dear friend who is a hairdresser and asked if she could do the hairstyle for me. Fortunately, she immediately agreed.

The trial date

A trial hairdressing is incredibly important. You can estimate how long it takes for the hairstyle and if it fits at all and in the end like it. The trial date took me 2 ½ hours. But we needed so much time, because I wanted a few extensions in the hair. I signed up for Clip-In Extensions from Ruby extensions decided. I had it for some time and have already had it dyed by my hairdresser in my current hair color.

My wedding hairstyle

The extensions should not necessarily make my hair longer, but simply compress more so that the hairstyle gets more volume. So we have the various clip-in extensions attached and tailored. Then the curls were made and then conjured the hairstyle.

The haircut

In my hairstyle, the front part of the hair was left out and only two strands separated from ear height. The two strands were then tied backwards along the head and simply pinned with bobby pins. For more volume, individual strands were pulled out again. Finally comes my Pearl hair accessories in the middle and finished is the hairstyle.

My wedding hairstyle

My hairstyling on the wedding day

So that everything goes a little faster, I have already lured the Extensions in advance. To keep the curls long, I pinned each strand with small hair clips. I did the same with my hair. That saved an incredible amount of time.

My girlfriend then had only the individual Clip-In Extensions attach and do the hairstyle. A few strands had to be lured back and then the whole thing was fixed with almost a bottle of hair spray and shine spray.

My wedding hairstyle

The hairstyle really worked great all day and all night. Of course, with time some curls hung out a bit, but that was not bad at all. I was super happy with my hairstyle because it was just 100% me and it absolutely suited me.

My wedding hairstyle


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