Christmas styling for medium-long hair

<pre>Christmas styling for medium-long hair

At Christmas, festive hairstyles are back in fashion. But because it does not always have to be an updo, here is a tutorial with a very simple hairstyle for you, with something Exercise is sure to succeed quite quickly.

Condition for the festive hairstyle are medium-length hair that you can tie into a ponytail. Next, it needs a few hairstyles, the practical are DailyGO – mini hair tie silicone transparentbecause you can not see her in the hair. A texture spray for more grip, a hair spray for fixing and, if necessary, a hair ornament for decoration.

Instructions for the festive hairstyle

Christmas styling for medium-long hair

1. So that the hair will be more grip I give it to me Kerasilk Style – Texturizing Finish Spray in the hair. Especially when the hair is freshly washed, they can be styled much easier and the hairstyle then holds better.

Second Then I pull a light side parting and separate my hair at ear height and tie the remaining hair together in a ponytail. Depending on how the hairstyle should look at the end you can tie the ponytail higher up or more in the neck.

Third Afterwards I make a hole from below with my index finger and thumb between the head and the hair tie and pull the ponytail through the opening. So that everything is nice, I pull the ponytail back tight. To cover up the hair elastic, I loosen a few individual strands of hair again and drape over the hair elastic.

Christmas styling for medium-long hair

4th Now the remaining hair is processed. For this I just braid myself a few normal braids. On the left side I made three braids and on the right side only one. Depending on how much hair you have, you can just make more or less braids. I fix all the braids temporarily with the DailyGO – Mini Hair Ties,

5th For the special look, I now remove the hair elastics in the individual braids, hold them at the bottom with your fingers and loosen from the outside each strand so that the brains receives more volume. When I am satisfied with the result, I fix the braids again with a hair tie.

6th Now the braids are simply draped back to the ponytail and also fixed again with a hair tie. If the hair is too short and does not reach all the way back, you can just use the braids on the head with one Bobby Pin attach and hide under your hair.

Christmas styling for medium-long hair

Finally, you can now attach a hair accessory on the ponytail and the whole thing with the Goldwell Perfect Hold Stylesign – Big Finish Hairspray fix and the festive hairstyle is ready. This simple hairstyle is completely changeable and guaranteed by the braids and the ponytail loop an eye-catcher.

Christmas styling for medium-long hair


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