3 hairstyles for medium-length hair

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Today I’m going to show you three simple hairstyles for medium length hair that you can easily imitate. Have fun!

Medium-length hair is ideal for creating the most hairstyles. The hair is not too heavy, which is often the case with long hair, but you do not always slip out of your fingers as often happens with short hair. At the moment I’m wearing my hair medium long and therefore I can show you ideal hairstyles that you can imitate very easily. As always, I’ve created a video tutorial for you because it’s the best way to see the hairstyles. If you only want to get a small overview, I’ll show you the pictures below with a quick guide.

Video tutorial: Three hairstyles for medium-length hair

First Look: Knotted Dutt

3 hairstyles for medium-length hair

An incredibly simple but cool hairstyle is this knotted bun. Divide your hair into two and tie it in like the first part of the shoelace tie. Overall, make three of these knots, then clamp the tips under the bun and fix them with some bobby pins. Because some steps have slipped out in front of me, I put them over the bun at the end and fixed them again with a Bobby Pin.

Second Look: Braided at the neck

3 hairstyles for medium-length hair

For this look, you should already be able to braid a Dutch Braid. How do I show you in my Dutch-Braid Tutorial, You start at the side of the neck and plump the hair back through to a Dutch Braid. However, you are always adding new hair from above. Below you are plaiting a normal braid. The end you now plait all the way down and fix it with a transparent hair elastic. Now you hide the end under the beginning of the braid and fix it with bobby pins. To make the braid look a bit bulkier, pull it a little bit apart.

Third Look: Half-up strands

3 hairstyles for medium-length hair

The last look consists of two parts. First, you untangle a lot of hair on the top of your head and fix it with a transparent hair tie. Then you take a strand on the right front and put it crosswise over the end of the hairline. Take the same step again on the left. Overall, I pulled three strands to the right and left, crossed and pinned. With hair spray, I then fixed the hairstyle and at the end the lower hair for more volume a little Antoupiert.

Perfect hairstyle product for medium-length hair

For the first time I have the Powder.Puff by Kevin Murphy tried out. This is a styling product that will make your hair a little more nimble, give volume and are therefore ideal for updos. I liked the application and I highly recommend it. The packaging is also beautiful pink 🙂

3 hairstyles for medium-length hair