7 hot hair trends of the autumn of 2019

<pre>7 hot hair trends of the autumn of 2018

Back to school is always the promise of new trends, fashion of course, but not only. Other topics of the utmost importance: the colorations and haircuts that will be popular this fall of 2019.

Here are 7 who will rock the next season and we will forget the summer without regrets.


Auburn, blonde Venetian or flaming red, this is the color that has been spotted on all fashion shows. And if it were necessary to retain only one, it would be this: the coppery red. Never forget that if it has something to dream about, this shade is not suitable for all complexions – far from it – since it tends to bring out the redness of the skin. The epidermis subject to rosacea and rosacea do not marry at all with this mane tone. For those who dream, know that it requires a lot of maintenance and revive very regularly. No way to skip an appointment at your hairdresser.

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Stella McCartney Fall / Winter 2018/2019 Fashion Show

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Natural reflections as well as hairstyles (long manes ultra natural)

This return will be natural or will not be. If the pastels and yellows are almost fluorescent, the fact remains that the natural caracole leading trends of the fall. This will go with the hairstyles and lengths also natural. One of the stars of this trend is certainly the Parisienne Caroline de Maigret – queen of the Parisiennes and this fashion at once cool / chic / without effort. We sign on the spot!

Thursday meetings I’m not playing it sexy, I just can not see it ? photo @chufy ?

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The trend “I woke up like this”

Exit the perfect smoothness, for this return we made waves and our hair has indomitable sides. But be aware that the natural requires a little effort all the same leaves to go through the box rollers to give effect to our hair.


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Isabel Marant autumn-winter 2018-2019

Short cuts

Who said that short hair was not synonymous with femininity? Certainly not us! Spotted on the fall-winter fashion shows, they will be among the stars of the next two seasons. The most daring may even dare to shave the coconut. Not us!


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Giorgio Armani autumn-winter 2018-2019


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Blumarin autumn-winter 2018/2019

The square always

We can not stop talking about bob, always and again. What is the best version of this autumn 2018? The one that will suit your face according to its morphology. The only real clue, it should not touch your shoulders to be in the know and be … natural: THE KEY WORD OF THE RETURN!


Peter White via Getty Images

Isabel Marant autumn-winter 2018-2019

Retro hair accessories

Spotted at Alexander Wang, the famous XXL “crab” tweezers that one would never have imagined returning to the front of the stage like the banana bag this summer. Never say “fountain, I will not drink …”. There is also the zig zag headband in the same vein.

Keep it together #WANGINC

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The return of the 60s

No, you’re not dreaming … For an evening, why not fall for a retro and voluminous blow-dry? To see if we put ourselves for real …

Moschino fall-winter 2018-2019

7 hot hair trends of the autumn of 2019


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