Mixed braid half to Long Hairstyle

Mix braid half to

Mixed braid half to

Every girl needs a few "go to" hairstyles you can wear to work, school, a date or a special occasion. You can definitely add the mixed braid half up to your list.

This hairstyle is also perfect for adding different combinations to change the look. Try reverse neck corner with a pancaked twist for a soft romantic look.Mixed braid half to Long Hairstyle  Mixed braid half to Long Hairstyle  Mixed braid half to Long Hairstyle  Mixed braid half to Long Hairstyle  To see your own photo replicas of this kind also in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with:

objects: Brush, rat tail comb, bobby pins, small hair elastics, hair spray {if desired}.

time required: 8-10 minutes

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by cutting off your hair on the top.
  2. Next pick up a small section of hair from the front and start a Dutch fishtail braid.
  3. You are going to expand that you have new hair until you see the back of your ear, and then continue a regular inverted fishtail down.
  4. Go back and pancake your braid and secure it with a small rubber band.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 on the other side.
  6. Now we are a twist braid in the back. Select a section of the hair on your crown and divide it into two pieces.
  7. Turn the two sections on the right side, then rotate them together on the left side.
  8. Just like a French braid, adding new hair to your individual twists now. Twist single pieces to the right and then twist them together on the left side.
  9. After three French twists, stop-add new hair, and turn the rest of the way down. Go back and turn your pancake and secure it with an elastic.
  10. Braid the smaller fishtail pick-up, wrap it backwards. Once you rest where you like it, sure with a bobby pin.
  11. Wrap the tail of your pigtail around your finger and pin down.
  12. Pick up your second fishtail braid, wrap it backwards. Make sure it covers the pins from the first pigtail and the rest over the first pigtail. Secure with bobby pins.
  13. Again, wrap the ends of the fishtail braid around your finger, tuck under the edge of your braid and pin.

Mixed braid half to Long Hairstyle


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