Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

<pre>Long Hair 2018: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

Long hair introduced on the catwalks and brand collections shows all the possibilities for such a length owner. Long Hairstyles and variety cuts serve women with all facial types and tastes. 2019 years of collections ask us with several colors, democratic and still wonderful hairstyles. No wonder, long hair ideas came so varied in 2019! Eco-life philosophy brings us back to our roots understanding when we lived in more harmony with nature. The awareness, it is part, makes us not only look after the environment better, but also for ourselves.

It’s not secret – shiny long hair telling about the woman’s health. In ancient times, it was believed that it also has magical power. And today we see it too – to enchant the incredible power …

So, COOL Haircuts prepares trendiest long hair ideas and some care tips for you. Read our “Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration” article.

Haircuts Tendencies: Long Hair

Cuts for long hair may sometimes be extravagant, but here designer policy is clear. Cuts designed primarily to make styling easier! Let us discover the best tendencies.

  • Simple straight edged cuts fit women with naturally straight hair. But watch out for such a hairstyle, if you always try to straighten out curled hair-weight should help you!
  • As it is very fashionable to leave loose strands near your face, you will be pleased to make them a little shorter.
  • Long hair ideas are many layered options too. They are should usually be done in ensemble with contouring. Do not be too short to make upper layer if you do not like volume!

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

  • Abruptly changing length gives fresh pictures! Wella presents a good option to repeat! Enrich so cool cut with glimpse of color scheme, so that your hair reflects the light even more efficient!
  • World brands presents big long tees with interesting front elements, especially pony. Let’s talk about this!

Long Hair Ideas: Bangs

Bangs give special appeal long hair. Perhaps, bangs change is the easiest way to refresh look. Long hair length allows extremely long bangs to try too – they look more harmonious together. Although they read about trendiest options.

  • Very long sided pony stay out of competition! It makes woman look so mystical … How long hairstyles turn to different ages, like bangs give you great opportunities. Make it completely straight, share on strands or braid for a modern look. Soft curls should make you feel like a retro diva.

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

  • Middle part (or so called French) pony should be good makeover idea! It can be designed in different ways. You can style feathered media of different styles. The thin strands make you look cute – with real French charm.
  • Straight pony is often feathered near edges.
  • Microbangs rarely meet, but if it suits you – go forward!

Long hairstyles: Cool options for you!

How to style long hair? You have got a million options! As a rule, it is a great natural long hairstyles without products to attach quantity. New concept based on democracity long hair ideas, multiculturalism and time saving.

  • Simple loose hair is immortal classic! But are we right to say “simple”? It closes straight, wavy, curly, hair curled. Most trendy styling technique is variation of textures. If you have asymmetric haircut, it is good to emphasize the way it’s elements!Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration
  • Ethnic styles, such as dreadlocks and afrobraids, make your life easier! Such long hair can also turn into ponytails and buns with beautiful texture.
  • Trend ponytails made low (but if it fits), with loose strands near face. Let them be carefree and you will see even more fashionable!

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

  • Buns on their own or mixed with ponytails or braids – make your choice! Just avoid donut buns – it has gone out of fashion. Only freestyle!
  • Helps-up hair, especially in Greek style, suitable for everyday wear and party look.
  • Curls looks relaxed and cascading too. Let’s just call Hollywood curls for thematic parties – it’s time for Renaissance inspiration. Tight baroque curls do not fit every age. Just plait braid and stroking over it with flat irons – and perfect curls for long hairstyles 2018 are ready!

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

  • Crimped hair gets on trends’ top! Especially small textured one.

Braided long hair ideas

Extra trendy braids play special role for long hair 2019. Bocho, sport and fantasy styles’ rising gave them second wind. No wonder, people find attractive and fairytale images. Another braids’ advantage is practicality (that’s why they’re so loved by sportswomen). And, at last, it’s so good to wear the same hairstyle at training and feast, looking perfect everywhere!

  • Few thin braids, added to loose hair, give you a nostalgic hippie look.
  • Fully braided long hairstyles give you full freedom. French, Dutch, dragon, fishtail, reversed – all kinds are good for you. Make braid «relaxed» and careless or tight, high or low, middle or side – depending on your mood. Such easy hairstyle should beautifully accent your multicolored dyeing!

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

  • Two preppy style braids gives you a charming look! So, you’re welcome to wear the same hairstyle with your daughter – you’ll become any party’s stars!
  • Partial cornrows wants to keep your hair in order – in the most stylish way!

Long hair: Accessories rock!

Crazy maximism in accessories – it’s best description for long hair 2019! Flower, animalistic, ethnic, fantastic motifs – everything you like, mixes in those wonderful items!

  • Get brooch-like barrettes and pins in different styles, sometimes simulating victorian ones. And now … transform your hair into magical meadow!
  • Add chains and harmoniously combine with cuffs for party. It’s great!

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

  • If you dislike looking for bold long hair ideas, use few bright pins as dividers.
  • Rings are really made for long hair 2019! It is such a rebellion and beautiful! Use silver rings for cool color type and gold plated – for warm. She welcomes it with thin chains or rings to enrich with stones.

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

  • Big Flowers Tiaras, Ribbons and Lace – change accessories and your picture whenever you want!

Hopefully our “Long Hair 2018: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos, and Inspiration” articles gave rise to your fantastic new garb!

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration

Long Hair: Cool Long Hair Ideas, Photos and Inspiration


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