Half hairy braid

Half To Side Braid

Half To Side Braid

Today we have a cute fishtail and twist combo hairstyle to share with you. It's so beautiful, simple and easy to DIY. Are you sure that compliments all day long!Half hairy braid  Half hairy braid  To see your own photo replicas of this kind featured in our app you will feel free to tag them Half hairy braid  Required items: Brush, rat tail comb, small hair elastics, hair spray {if desired}.

time required: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Light

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Pick up a small strand of hair from the front of your hair, just behind your pony. Divide into two pieces and start a Dutch fishtail braid. This is where you cross the strands instead of over.
  2. After making a few stitches, add in a small, new pieces of hair to the beach you are crossing-over to create a French fishtail.
  3. Stop adding new hair as soon as you braided down a few inches. Continue down in your Dutch fishtail all the way down.
  4. Go back and pancake your braid to create volume, secure with a small rubber band.
  5. Next, take a small section of hair just behind your fishtail braid. Divide into two pieces and start a Dutch fishtail. Lichen a few inches and then stop putting in new hair. drive with a normal fishtail all the way down the hair.
  6. Go back and pancake your braid to create volume, then fasten with a small rubber band.
  7. Now choose two sections of hair from the front opposite side of the head. Turn both backwards in two turns.
  8. Tighten your twists and braids around the back of your head and lightly to one side) and fasten them all together with an elastic.
  9. Optional: Pick up a small piece of hair next to your elastic and wrap around your elastic to create a hair wrapped bangs. Secure with a bobby pin or stick the end down over the rubber band.
  10. Finish with hair spray.

Half hairy braid


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