Hairbst – My Tips for Long Hair


Hello, dear ones! ?

And hello to my little ‘Hairbst’ series, in which I will delight you with posts on hair (hopefully)! Today it starts with my tips for healthy long hair, how I care for them, what I respect, etc. Have fun! ?

Another little disclaimer: It’s about what worked for me and about my views, which I represent, what is good and what is not. Hair is different, what works for me, could not work in the next and vice versa. I tell you my story with the associated factors that I have noticed or changed.

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair

I’ve always been interested in the subject ‘hair’. I like to braid, lure, play with them and use them as my most important accessory (besides my surging smile of course). In the past my sister used to do hairstyles in front of the school and when she moved out I learned how to do some magic myself. My hair was never shorter than my shoulders, and most of my life so far, they were about chest length. I do not have mega-long hair down to the bottom or the hips, at least I was close before short but then came the visit to the barber. They have never really seen color, highest highlights or a tint, otherwise they are very natural and lightened by the sun. Over the years, I’ve found out more and more things to try and protect my hair more and what all this I want to tell you now.

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Anyone looking for tips for beautiful hair on the Internet, among other things, is the first to go regularly to the hairdressing ‘. Yes … In principle, I also go regularly … just once a year … about. That’s why I can not give you this tip on the way, because I simply do not follow myself away. Of course that depends on your hair, my hair is very robust as far as split ends and with me it takes a long time until it shows itself, let alone until it ‘eats up’.

As for the frequency of the hairdresser visit, I also have my reservations. Think about how much you cut on average. Suppose between two and ten centimeters and how often? Every month? Every second? After a short research I found out, the average hair growth in the month amounts to maximally two centimeters. So, in my opinion, it would not make any sense to cut your hair every month or every second because you cut off your ‘success’ right away.

I understand that this keeps your hair very healthy, but my hair is not so prone to split ends that I have to go every month. Recently I was back and it was very liberating, of course my hair is again ten centimeters shorter, but now they are very healthy again and look great. I also like to show you a short comparison here. This is what my hair looked like before:

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair

So after:

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair  Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair

This is what they looked like when I had them cut off last year:

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair

You see, there’s something going on last year and everything has grown back and even longer. And they were not very broken and that’s because I followed the other tips as well.

No silicones

In the old days I did not care what ingredients the shampoos had and whatever hair type it was, it did not work anyway. Then I’ve read more and more blogs and seen videos reporting that silicones and parabens are bad for your hair. This is now an incredibly detailed topic and I do not want to deepen it further. Everyone has formed their own opinion and mine is like this:

There are several types of silicones that are water-soluble, semi-soluble and not water-soluble. Water-soluble means to me that it is not bad in my opinion, if they appear as an ingredient in shampoos, as they wash out immediately when shampooing and do not attach to our hair. Semi-soluble, therefore, that they do not wash out completely and not water-soluble logical way not at all. But what do silicones actually do? Silicones close around the hair like a protection and prevent the hair from losing important substances, unfortunately this also means that no nourishing substances and moisture can get into the hair structure and dry from the inside and break off more easily. There are opinions such as that silicones are very useful in bleached or heavily damaged hair because of their protective effect or even the non-water-soluble silicones in spraying cures for the tips would not be a problem, since it would only be dead tissue anyway. I am uncertain about these hypotheses and therefore for the most part renounce silicones and parabens.

And I just realize how good this is doing my hair, since I renounce it. Meanwhile, many more companies jump on the Tripp and bring more shampoos without silicones and parabens out so just look at the next purchase on it.

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair

Do not wash every day

Where we are already washing your hair, we come to the frequency of washing. I wash my hair every three to four days. Many may gasp for now, but I tell you, that was also something that does my hair very well. There are also people like the soy who do not wash their hair anymore, so just rinse with water and write about it in their blog, so check it out and read it in, that’s very interesting as well. But for me it is enough to straighten my hair only every three to four days. Because no matter which shampoo we use, somewhere it is just chemistry what we rub our hair, which us the natural protection of the scalp (the greasy sebum) entreißt and let our hair dry out. The more often we wash our hair, the faster our skin will greasy and the drier our tips will get.

Even if it seems impossible in the beginning, the washing tries to delay it. Do it in small steps, half a day longer, then one more day and so on. And how you can delay the washing a bit, I’ll tell you in the next tip.

Dry shampoo and baby powder are ‘fat suckers’

At the beginning I could not imagine anything under the term ‘dry shampoo’ and who it is: dry shampoo is a powder, which you get in spray cans (like hairspray) that you put on the greasy hair, let it work in and brush it out again. It has the effect of cleaning the hair and delaying the hair washing a bit. Incidentally, it usually gives a good smell and volume. But I would do it carefully, for some time I noticed that I no longer tolerate dry shampoo so well and have researched what that could be. I found out that almost all dry shampoos contain alcohol, which not only leads to dehydration of the scalp, but can also cause hair loss. That’s why I used a more gentle variant: baby powder. It has the same effect and is gentle on the scalp.

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair

No heat

We were just washing and what follows? The blow-drying, right? Not correct. I do not condition my hair anymore, at most two or three times a year when I have stress. I do that because I do not want to strain my hair with heat any more. The heat also dries out the hair and causes hair breakage. As for the use of straighteners and curling irons, I have reduced myself, I often resort to more harmless methods that achieve good results without heat, such as my socks curls for example (Here I wrote a post about it). Whenever a devil’s device is used, I like to spray heat protection into my hair and curl my hair on the lowest heat possible. The heat protection also helps that the curls last longer.

Inversion method

This is a method I like to use to give my hair a little boost and to cast more length. All you need is coconut oil and seven days. That’s how it’s done:

You take two tablespoons of coconut oil and heat it in the microwave (or some other way). Then you pour the coconut oil on your head, but watch out that the oil is no longer unbearably hot! After the oil is spread on your head, massage your scalp headfirst anywhere for four minutes. You can sit down as well. After the four minutes you leave it all still at least two hours on the head, preferably with a towel turban, so it stays nice and warm. You are repeating this every day for seven days now.

And what should that effect? The heat, massage and oil stimulate your hair growth and this week you can gain up to TWO zeniths in length. I’ve already done that three or four times and it has worked every time. It is important that you then take a break for at least a month, otherwise your scalp gets used to it too much and that will not work well the next time. Even in the weeks after, the hair growth is still something cranked and provides you with a few more inches where you can enjoy. Of course it does not work for everyone, but give it a try.

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair

In general, a hair cure with coconut oil is always good for the hair and also good for the tips, so give them something off.

These were my tips and my knowledge, that’s all I can give you. Write me in the comments what you have for a tip! Do you care for your hair especially? Is there a product you swear to? Let me know. ?

Until next time!

Lisa ♥

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair

Hairbst - My Tips for Long Hair


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