Double-Dutch side Braid

Double Dutch side Braid

Double Dutch Side Braid

I can not believe it’s time for school again! Time for shopping, school supplies and picking outfits for the first week! Double-Dutch side Braid  Double-Dutch side Braid  If you’re picking out what you’re going to wear, you should choose hairstyles while you’re at it! This simple DIY will keep your hair out of your face and complete your back to school look! It’s a must try for a quick back to school tomorrow!Double-Dutch side Braid
Double-Dutch side Braid  To see your own photo replicas of this kind also in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: # CGH2DutchSideBraidDouble-Dutch side Braid  Required items: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hair bobby pins and bobby pins, hair spray {if desired}.

the request: 5-8 minutes

Qualification: medium

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by cutting off your hair to the side.
  2. Section of a piece of hair from the front goes diagonally towards the back of the head. (as in the video)
  3. Take your remaining hair and secure it out of the way.
  4. Pick up a small section of the front of the hair you are working with. Divide it into two pieces and start a Dutch fishtail.
  5. Create a Dutch fishtail all the way back until you run out to add new hair. Continue with a regular Dutch fishtail until your braid is long enough to reach the back of the head.
  6. Go back and pancake the edges of your fishtail braid and then secure with a small rubber band.
  7. let your hair has been pulled out of the way. Place your fishtail and clip out of the way.
  8. Go back to the front of your hair and pick a small area right under your fishtail braid. Divide into three parts and start a Dutch braid.
  9. After a few stitches, stop adding new hair from the bottom of the braid. (This creates a Dutch “lace” lichen).
  10. Continue to braid, to the same point, you ran out of new hair with the fishtail braid. At this point, stop adding new hair and continue a regular braid until it’s as long as your fishtail braid.
  11. Go back and pancake the edges of the lichen then secure with a small rubber band.
  12. Pick up the two braids, bring them around the back of the head to the opposite side and combine together with a small rubber band.
  13. Remove your two temporary hair grips at the bottom of your braids. Now secure your braids on the back of the head with bobby pins.
  14. Pick up a section of the hair from the front (not braided) side and turn it backwards. Twist and bring back and up where you hang your braids in the back. Secure the end of your turn under the pigtail hiding pins.
  15. Now get your remaining hair and divide into three pieces and create a normal three-strand braid. You want to pull it on the same side as your braids. After you braided all the way down, go back and pancake the edges and secure them with an elastic.
  16. Last but not least, gently pull a few small pieces in the front (wispies) to frame your face.

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Double-Dutch side Braid


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