Cut long hair by yourself

I just managed to get this U-shaped haircut myself.
Cut long hair by yourself
I just managed to get this U-shaped haircut myself.

I’ve never liked going to the hairdresser. Funny people who mess around with your head, crampy conversations, hairstyles that are never the way I want them to be, and for the grand finale, chemical bombs are smeared on your hair. * shuddering * I’ve been cutting the tips of my hair for quite some time myself, with a simple and effective method that I can help with feye have copied.

First and foremost: The method presented here is only suitable for long hair that should have a uniform edge. Steps are not possible. The “edge” is variable and can be V-shaped, rounded or U-shaped or straight. I will use the cutting technique for the following U-shape explain, because I like the result personally.

Tools of the Do-It-Yourself Hairdresser

Logo, for haircutting it takes a pair of scissors. You can also try it with a well-honed machete, if at hand. But I prefer the scissors – just has more precision and is not so difficult. ^^

I have a scissors from Jaguar for about 30 €, which does good service and of experienced longhairs of the Longhair network is recommended. * g * Please do not take craft or kitchen scissors! The household scissors are far from sharpened as sharp as hair scissors, and would not clean the hair tips clean. But that’s important to prevent split ends.

You also need a hair tie and a comb and / or brush, then you can start.

Cut hair Step by Step

To prepare, I comb my hair well and moisten it slightly afterwards, so that I get better tamed.

Cut long hair by yourself
To prepare, moisten the hair with the spray bottle

Step 1
Cut the hair from the forehead to the neck in half – almost like Pippi Longstocking braids. Then take both hairs over the shoulders forward. For a slight U-cut you look now and then cutting straight or to the ceiling. For a deeper U-section you look down. I look down, the result you can see in the picture at the top of this post.

The hair again thoroughly and straight comb – here perfection is in demand! Then you grasp a strand between the middle and index fingers, which are stretched out like a pair of scissors, and ride almost down to the ends of the hair. Now you cut the protruding hair in a horizontal line as exact as possible. Brush again and even out any bumps. In addition, I constantly check this in the mirror.

In the second strand you go in principle the same, but you have to be careful that you do not cut too much, otherwise the hair will be uneven – logically. Carefully flatten both strands and check if they are the same height.

Do not be scared: If you hold your head down at the same time because of the beautiful deep U-cut and forwards in the mirror with your hair in front of your face, then memories of “The Ring” are coming up. ? Wuuuaaaaa …

Cut long hair by yourself

Step 2

Next, you brush all the hair back and make yourself a very deep ponytail. Then you push the hair tie down as low as possible between the shoulder blades as you can. Depending on how long the hair is, you also need to fish from the bottom to the hair elastic to be able to pull it to the tips.

Cut long hair by yourself

Grab the mini pot at the end and guide it carefully forward, so that no strands escape or warp. Then you simply cut off the lower one to two centimeters.

You probably like the result already. Carefully comb your hair over your back and check in the mirror to see if you have achieved a nice U-shape. If the whole thing is still too V-shaped, you have to repeat Step 2 again and cut off some of the “tip”. If the edge is too straight for you, you should repeat Step 1 and this time really look to the ground. ? Everything has happened to me already.

Conclusion of the do-it-yourself hairdresser visit

Actually, I want to let my hair grow even further, but after a few months, the tips are so easy to get and are so hard to comb, that once again an inch or two off. But I like to do it with this simple technique. ?

Have fun trying it!
With ❤

Cut long hair by yourself


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