Tips against the Bad Hair Day

<pre>Tips against the Bad Hair Day

If the hair is not as it should or the time for washing is too short, a Bad Hair Day will follow automatically. That does not have to be! I’ll tell you how it’s not a bad hair day.

Hair washing, including drying and styling takes 30 minutes for me. Apart from the fact that daily hair washing is not good for the hair, I just do not always have the time. In addition, I do sports 3 times a week and because the hair is also additionally strained. A regular Bad Hair Day is therefore inevitable. How to handle this is now here.

Hair care for greasy hair

Washed yesterday and today the hair looks greasy again. That can happen to anyone. Causes of increased production of skin fat may be hormonal imbalance, but sometimes also the weather or elevated temperatures. Suitable for that dry shampoo Perfect. Raise the hair in batches, spray into the roots, massage in with fingertips and comb out again. A nice side effect: more volume and the hair becomes more grip, which makes styling easier.

Tips against the Bad Hair Day

No-go on oily hair

Many women see greasy hair as a high ponytail solution. I can only advise against that. Mostly the lower hairs are greasy and not the top hair. If you tie a high ponytail now, it only makes things worse and your greasy hair is even more visible. It is better to tie the hair deep in the neck to a ponytail and to make sure that the covering hairs hide everything nicely.

The solution at Frizz

Hair out of control! Frizz is created in different ways. However, the most common cause is high humidity. If you know that the hair is sensitive to it you can use the appropriate products while washing your hair. From Redken do they exist Frizz Dismiss series which helps to get a grip on frizzy hair. For quick help: Spray some hairspray on the brush and comb your hair with it.

Plate hair

Many people know flat hair, whether you have little or no hair. Even thick hair can flatten, because the weight pulls the hair down. Often it helps to move the crown. A simple volume spraywhich helps strengthen the approach additionally. An absolute pro trick is to knead volume foam into dry hair and blow dry upside down. Concentrate only on the top of the head. As a turbo solution also helps the approach with a comb to toupieren strong and easily comb out again.

Tips against the Bad Hair Day

Solution for dry hair

Dry hair does not just look ugly, it’s also difficult to style. When the hair is dry, it lacks moisture. Here you can Spray conditioner or hair oil help. In the latter, however, you should be careful so that the hair is not too greasy. The hair oil or conditioner best spread only in the hair tips and then style the hair.

The Ultimate Bad Hair Day Tip: Cap up and finish the day fast! 🙂

Tips against the Bad Hair Day


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