So you find the perfect straightener

<pre>So you find the perfect straightener

Straighteners not only tame wild curly manes, they also make smooth hair a beautiful curly hair. Which model is suitable for your wish and what you should pay attention to when buying, Is there … here.

To smooth or style your hair, many women use a flat iron. How thick or thin the hair straightener is depends on your own preferences or on the hair thickness. When choosing a flat iron, you should also consider whether you only want to smooth your hair or curl it. The choice for the perfect straightener should be well considered, after all, with careful use, it is an investment for the next few years.

What must a hair straightener be?

  1. A good flat iron should have a sturdy casing. Especially if you style the hair more often, the quality is very important.
  2. Another important point is a rotatable cable joint. If the cable does not turn, curling will be a real challenge.

So you find the perfect straightener

  1. The width of the smoothing iron also plays a major role. With wider straighteners you can achieve faster results, especially with thicker hair, due to the larger surface. For short hair, or to style a pony, a narrow flat iron is better.
  2. The central component of a smoothing iron are two ceramic or Teflon-coated plates. Both systems are gentle on the hair, but you should still remember that you work with heat. Harmful to the hair are metal or glass plates.
  3. With practically all straighteners the temperature can be adjusted. So that a strand of hair does not have to be smoothed several times, a temperature of 160 ° to 185 ° degrees is perfect, depending on the hair thickness.

So you find the perfect straightener

  1. Another important point is the safety shutdown. A straightener works without it, but once you forget to switch it off, you’re grateful for that feature.

The perfect straightener for curls

The same rules apply to straighteners for curls. What you have to keep in mind is that the straightener is not too wide. For curls is a narrow better. The most beautiful curls succeed if the hair straightener is rounded at the edges. So the hair can be wound up evenly as on a curling iron.

So you find the perfect straightener

My favorite straighteners

Since I use my hair style I use straighteners. During this time I have already tested various models and I will gladly pass on my experience.

ghd Classic Styler

The famous straightener has accompanied me for many years. My hair was easily smoothed and curls were no problem. The special ion technology reduces the electrical charge of the hair and ensures that more moisture remains in the hair.

ghd Max Styler

The wider version of the classic was in use when I had much longer hair. It is perfect for long or thick hair. The Max Styler has the same features as the Classic Styler. I was also able to make curls with it, but only very big ones, which also looked nice with the long hair.

L’Oréal Steampod

A completely new way of smoothing I have done with the Steampod. Here, water is poured into a container and the hair is smoothed together with steam. Thanks to the steam, the hair does not dry and does not break off. Curls can not be made with it but by waves back and forth light waves are created.

BaByliss Pro Elipsis 3000

My darling for curls. The chrome-plated surface, which also heats up, makes beautiful curls in the twinkling of an eye. Of course, the hair can also be smoothed out perfectly.

So you find the perfect straightener

Do not forget heat protection

No matter which hair straightener you choose, never forget to use heat protection. I like to use the ghd Style – Heat Protect Spray. So my hair is optimally protected from the heat. The light spray makes hair look smoother and feel fantastic.

So you find the perfect straightener


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