Perfect Glamor Waves Hairstyles

<pre>Perfect glamor waves

Voluminous, defined curls look elegant, playful and glamorous at the same time. In the guide, I’ll show you how the curls also succeed you perfectly and how to style them.

Not smooth, not curly, but wavy is now in vogue. Waves with volume at the base and a lot of shine are seductive and elegant. Now discover how you are with one straighteners and Styling products create beautiful glamor waves.

The perfect preparation

Before you start with the waves, you should pay attention to a few things, so that your hair survives the heat-styling as unscathed as possible. The perfect waves succeed if your hair is not freshly washed. Hair washed the night before is more grippy and therefore easier to shape. Your hair must always be completely dry before use with heat.

Perfect Glamor Waves Hairstyles

Just before you start, you should apply heat protection. A spray like that ghd Style – Heat Protect Spray, is easy to use and protects hair from drying out. My BaByliss Pro – Elipsis 3000 Straightener I adjust to 190 degrees.

In a few steps to glamor waves

Step 1: Draw a crown as desired and share your hair in different games. For my hair density and length, three games are perfect.

Perfect Glamor Waves Hairstyles

Step 2: Take now from the bottom lot a 3 – 5cm wide strand and comb through this again.

Step 3: Now turn each single strand around the straightener and slowly pull it down. For more volume turn one strand inward and one strand outwards alternately. Keep going until all hair is curled up.

Perfect Glamor Waves Hairstyles

Step 4: When all curls are done, let the hair cool down for a few minutes. Now comb your hair carefully with a rough comb. Of the evo Fabuloso – Detangling Comb has the perfect, coarse teeth, so that the curls are beautiful waves.

That’s how the waves last the whole day

So that your beautiful wave splendor now guaranteed to last the whole day, it must be fixed after styling necessarily. For this purpose, a fine hair spray is like the Redken Hairspray РPure Force 20 especially good. The hair gets a perfect hold without being weighted. Gel products are less suitable. If the styling product is too heavy, the waves can disappear again. As a finish and for the shine, I give myself that Kérastase Elixir Ultime РCheveux Fins Huile Biphase in the hair and finished are my perfect Glamor waves,

Perfect Glamor Waves Hairstyles

Tip: If you prefer the glamor waves in the Undone look, just loll with your fingers in the hair until the curls come out of shape. Alternatively you can comb out the curls with a brush, also instead of with the comb.

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Perfect Glamor Waves Hairstyles


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