Cutting tips yourself: simple instructions and tips


Cutting tips yourself is not that difficult. Why our hair ends need a cut again and again and how you can easily do it yourself at home, you will find out here.

Unfortunately it is sometimes not so easy our tips in front of frayed ends and split ends to preserve. Environmental influences, hair gums and heat strain the hair. But also our clothes, like tops or scarves, cause friction at the sensitive hair ends.

Depending on the cut and hair health, the professional recommends a hairdressing visit every two to four months. Pixies and Bobs are particularly maintenance-intensive, long hair must be cut a little less often.

The regular walk to the hairdresser is time consuming and costly. That’s why we show you how you can easily cut your own tips.

Cutting tips yourself: preparation

Cutting tips yourself: simple instructions and tips
Hair cuts best when they are wet. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Monsterkoi)

Before you cut your tips, you should first prepare:

  • It is especially important that you do not use normal scissors for the haircut. They are often not sharp enough. This can cause the tips to break off and the result is frayed than the current state. A good pair of scissors is also available at the hairdresser’s store or ** Amazon.
  • To cut tips yourself, the hair should be moist in any case. This is especially important with curly or wavy hair, as this will make the hair easier to grip.
  • Thoroughly comb through the hair so that no knots remain in the hair. It’s best to use a comb for it.

Step by step cutting tips yourself

Now you are ready and can cut your tips yourself:

  1. For that you make a ponytail that sits as deep in the neck as possible. The further down the braid, the straighter the hair edge and thus your cut.
  2. Now take another hair tie and attach it just below the first rubber.
  3. As soon as the hair tie is really tight, you pull it slowly and just down to your tips.
  4. Depending on how much you want to cut off, you push the rubber three to five inches to the hair tips.
  5. Now you bring your braid forward and put it on your collarbone.
  6. Gently flatten the hair and carefully cut the frayed tips with the scissors.
  7. Open the braid and check that the strands on the right and left of the face are the same length.

Tips against brittle hair

Cutting tips yourself: simple instructions and tips
Heat damages the hair. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / RyanMcGuire)

Unfortunately, hair breakage and frayed tips can hardly be avoided. But proper care helps your hair stay healthy longer and look fuller.

  • Brush your hair well before washing. This way you avoid knots and can treat the hair more gently.
  • Spread shampoo always just on the scalp and massage it in for a while. Your lengths, however, come out well without shampoo.
  • Do not wash your hair too hot. Lukewarm water is enough. Incidentally, even better is cold water, because it closes the hair structure and gives the hair a healthy glow.
  • Massage your hair upside down regularly. In this way, the circulation is stimulated and thus stimulated the growth of strong hair.
  • Make sure you access natural products. By the way, you can also easily Organic shampoo do it Yourself.
  • Avoid heat during styling. Curling irons, straighteners and hair dryer additionally damage the hair.


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Cutting tips yourself: simple instructions and tips


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