Drink Up! So your hair overcome the dry spell!

Drink Up!  So your hair overcome the dry spell!

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who has the most beautiful hair throughout the country? When it comes to their own hair, so many women would like to take a break in distant fairyland countries. Even sex-and-the-city legend Carry Bradshaw knew that she would never be the woman with the perfect hair. As well as? Dry tips , badly colored laces and splitter-covered strands of hair are real mood killers and often make life harder for us than it already is.

What I already know about your problems? A lot of! Because before my hair too without hair dryer, straightener or mousse It was a long way to become socially acceptable again. Just a few years ago, I was not sure if the strawy shags on top of my head would switch sides and prefer one Career as a bird’s nest wanted to aim for.

I myself have left behind my dark, poorly-styled past, bleached to the roots, once and for all Stop the hair frustration made. Believe me, if I have made it to long, healthy hair, you can too! The best thing about today’s fairy-tale hour of princess hair? These tips cost you as good as a penny!

Give your hair heat-free!

Drink Up!  So your hair overcome the dry spell!

When Xavier Naidoo sang the lines “This way will not be any easier”, he probably had just this task in mind. Because I admit, step 1 is probably the hardest on the Way to dream teeth , But believe me one thing: to put the hothead on a low profile for a certain time can work wonders! It is sufficient, if you reduce your addiction at the beginning, until you eventually “clean” of the supposed miracle weapons of today’s hair care industry.

Start with that, just every second day Blow dry your hair or use the straightener or curling iron to stylise. Even if you feel uncomfortable in the beginning – your hair will thank you! Because let’s be honest: If the valuable strands of hair sizzling between the heat plates of the flat iron, break off all hair tips even when looking alone.

Water march – but only twice a week!

Drink Up!  So your hair overcome the dry spell!

I know, I know. Many will clap their hands over their heads and explain their insanity. Just twice a week to wash your hair? Baaah! But believe me: Seen in the long run, such a reduction of the hair washings can revive your hair again. The best thing about the drought: Your hair gets used to the few washes and will be the excessive fat production gradually set. Also comforting to know: You are not alone on the dry land. Your new best friend, who is going through the crisis together with you, is now dry shampoo. Thanks to the small, Handy spray can with the miracle powder Inside, your hair gets its fat away even without water!

Danger: The water that is saved on the head can be used when drinking! Because even if the hair of the Take a wash break So our body needs water to revitalize the metabolism and make the hair silky-shiny-beautiful.

So fluffy! This Zopfgummi sweetens every hair dream!

Drink Up!  So your hair overcome the dry spell!

The 90’s are back! At least when it comes to the well-being of your hair. Granted, that really looks good fluffy hair band not from. But the comfort is all the better. Because in contrast to conventional Zopfgummis Do not cut this hair band into your hair and hurt it.

It is also recommended to keep your hair closed during sleep. Especially long hair rub at night on the pillow and become so Splitting prone or knot.

SOS! Save Hair Life with this clip

Drink Up!  So your hair overcome the dry spell!

This step really has it! I even go so far as to say that even Rapunzel does this trick wonderfully in her care routine could have installed. So that your hair is best protected during the night, I advise you, not only in a braid, but in one loose bun to wear.

To fix the bun, I use one small hairclip , This not only gives it the necessary degree of stability, but is also a lot gentler than a conventional Zopfgummi. I admit, you have to get used to the rather unusual night hairstyle! But believe me – the feeling the next morning when you solve the bun and yours Hair like silk fall on your shoulders, you certainly do not want to miss!

Nutrition is and remains the alpha and omega

Drink Up!  So your hair overcome the dry spell!

You are what you eat. When it comes to the splendor mane on the head, this principle applies as well as for the rest of the body. The hair is similar to the skin Mirror of our health , If we therefore lack important nutrients, this deficiency is often expressed in brittle, brittle and dull hair. Fortunately, a vitamin deficit can be wonderfully prevented!

Drink Up!  So your hair overcome the dry spell!


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