3 simple updos for Christmas

Updo Christmas copy

3 simple updos for Christmas

Are you still looking for an updo for Christmas? I’ll show you three different hairstyles that will make an impression on you.

Are you looking forward to Christmas? In a week it is time again and we can enjoy the beautiful Christmas trees and the great gifts. For me, Christmas is always a nice opportunity to be pretty. In order to motivate you to create a beautiful hairstyle for Christmas, I show you here in my today’s article three different, simple hairstyle variants.

Video Tutorial: Three Hairstyles for Christmas

The hairstyles are all very easy to style, but sometimes difficult to put into words 🙂 So I’ve filmed a video tutorial for you here.

If you prefer the written instructions, then I show you the three hairstyles here, each with a short guide.

First Hairstyle for Christmas: Wild Half-up Flowers

3 simple updos for Christmas

This hairstyle is also a surprise for me, which she created spontaneously during the shoot. Often I have no idea what kind of hairstyles I will do and just go crazy wildly. Again, this was the case. But I like the updo so much that I’ll definately wear it for Christmas this year.


The wild flowers on the top of my head I have created from twisted and raised hair. I have a lot of hair at the top of the head divided and screwed. Then I held this twist on the tips and pulled the hair vigorously from bottom to top. The best way to look at this step in the video because it is really difficult to explain.

I made this method with several strands on the top of the head and the resulting twists, then pinned with bobby pins. That’s how this great half-up hairstyle came about.

Second Updo for Christmas: Short Fishtail

3 simple updos for Christmas

Ponytails I find an ideal hairstyle for every occasion. They can be just as elegant as casual. For this second Christmas hairstyle, I’ve spiced up a deep ponytail with a fishtail braid.


Divide your hair deep in the neck into three even parts. Now you take the two outer strands at hand and pluck a fishtail braid. To do this, take one fine piece of hair from each outer piece and pull it to the other side. So you fold your hair back and forth a few times. Then you untangle the braid with a transparent hair tie and loosen up the fishtail braid a bit. If you do not know exactly how to braid the Fishtail braid, look at mine Fishtail tutorial at.

Third hairstyle for Christmas: Triple braided

3 simple updos for Christmas  3 simple updos for Christmas

This third hairstyle was my first idea when I was thinking about Christmas hairstyles. Because I think braids look a bit like Tannadeln and therefore I wanted to conjure a braided Tannadeln hairstyle.


Divide your hair behind the ear to make three games. Lichen the neck in the neck first. Loosen the braid slightly and turn it into a braid bun. Then braid the right and left sides to form a braid and fix them in the neck as well. If you want, you can now pluck a few strands from the front. This is how she looks hairstyle a bit looser.

And now my dear and faithful readers I wish you a Merry Christmas <3

3 simple updos for Christmas


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