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Trending Half To Half Down Hairstyles For 2017
Half to half-down hairstyles have been around us for several decades and the growing popularity of this updo makes it even more desirable choice for adults and young ladies. The best thing about half updo styles is that they are super flexible, they can mix you different textures and get you something better and cooler. However, with half to half-down hairstyle, you have a chance to show off your great hair color. Braids and twists are the best accessory for these incredible hairstyles. I’ve put together trending Half to half down hairstyles¬†through the use of Instagram as the ultimate source of inspiration.
Hairstyles New hairstyles and hair colors  Double crown braid

If you are into complicated updo hairstyles, then a half to half headdress down for you. Well, it is not complicated if you are familiar with a waterfall braid technique. These crown braids use exactly this technique to achieve flawless yet feminine updo style. Aside from that, rainbow hair color also gives extra charm to the style, through which serve as a good accessory for the crown braids.Hairstyles New hairstyles and hair colors  Nice swirl

When looking at this style-the first thing that comes into our mind is a delicious cinnamon swirl. But before eating it, let’s find out how you can get it. Is it a fishtail braid that starts from the side of the head. It gets swirled and backed up in a half updo style. This half updo brings the bleak, hair color you need to create a seamless color combined with dark and light shades of blonde. This is one of the best ways for music festivals.Hairstyles New hairstyles and hair colors  Loose fishtail braid in half updo

The following style requires a certain hair length and texture. Thus, it has a large loose fishtail braid and loop wrapped in hair over the middle of the wave of curls. Now you can see it’s really possible to get accessories out of your own strands. Just do not forget to lure your waves with a curling iron. Waves will be with your desired texture and movement.Hairstyles New hairstyles and hair colors  Mermaid Braid

If you’ve always dreamed of having your inner channel mermaid, this hairstyle is what you need to do. It has several types of braids that have been combined to create a mermaid, half to half-down hairstyle. Well, it’s not easy to recreate the style, but it’s not impossible. I am sure that after he braid this fabulous mermaid you will call your hairdresser and ask for the same style.Hairstyles New hairstyles and hair colors  Twisted half to half down

This is the simplest half-to-half-down style that anyone can achieve. Just curl your curls with a curling iron, and by pulling some strands from the sides, pull them back and secure them in a half to half-down style. It is an excellent hairstyle for the hot days. A good dye job is bonus.Hairstyles New hairstyles and hair colors

Hairstyles New hairstyles and hair colors


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