The best hair products from Scandinavia

<pre>The best hair products from Scandinavia

It is no secret that the women from Scandinavia have incredibly great hair. Beautiful and healthy hair can also be achieved with proper care. Here are the best hair products from Scandinavia.

The simplicity of Scandinavian beauty can also be traced back to the lifestyle that prevails in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. So practically all hair, beauty and beauty products are kept in a simple design. Anyone who knows Scandinavia knows that they are familiar with design. But they can do more than just design – The hair products from Scandinavia are among the best in the world.

REF «Reference of Sweden»

The high quality hair care line from Sweden is 100% vegan. One of the main ingredients is quinoa proteins. They sometimes have the largest variety of natural amino acids and thus preserve the natural beauty of the hair.

The REF Shampoo – Ultimate Repair Shampoo In addition to quinoa proteins, it contains organic Murumuru butter. It strengthens the moisture and restores the shine, suppleness and elasticity of the hair. The Sulfrate Free Shampoo repairs damaged and damaged hair in a natural way.

The best hair products from Scandinavia

As a care after the shampoo is the REF Treatment – Ultimate Repair Conditioner, The care with herbal extracts has the same ingredients as the shampoo. The conditioner stays on the hair for 3 minutes and is then thoroughly rinsed out again. The hair is easier to comb and build up from the inside.

The combination of shampoo and conditioner makes the hair smoother, gives shine and protects the color.

Sacha Juan

Also this beauty label from Sacha and Juan comes from Sweden. The focus of the hair care line of Sachajuan is strong on sweeping, naturally shiny hair. Many products are enriched with minerals and sea algae. Sachajuan is not purely organic but still contains many plant extracts.

The best hair products from Scandinavia

The Sachajuan – Over Night Hair Repair is, as the name suggests, a night mask for the hair. It deeply penetrates into the hair structure and strengthens the hair from the inside. The mask is applied in the evening on towel-dried hair and remains in the hair overnight. The next morning the hair is washed and styled normally. Sachajuan states that hair can be styled without washing out the mask. Unfortunately, that does not look so nice to me, but maybe I used too much product.

The mask immediately provides moisture and shine from the outside, so that the hair feels silky and healthy.

Björn Axén

The brand clearly trumps with its natural style. No silicones, no parabens and no artificial fragrances. But a lot of nourishing ingredients that make the most of our hair.

The best hair products from Scandinavia

Not only care is important for the hair, but also protection, especially from heat. That’s it Björn Axén – Heat Styling Protection Perfect. The spray protects the hair from high temperatures and even gives them a light hold. The heat protection can be applied to damp or dry hair.

Maria Nila

The products of Maria Nila are also vegan and without Sulftate and Parabene. The large assortment contains not only products for the care, styling and repair of the hair, but also has a large selection of color products. The most famous products are the Color refresh for a temporary color change.

The best hair products from Scandinavia

Conclusion to the Scandinavian hair products

In Scandinavia, much emphasis is placed on natural ingredients. Very positive is that many hair products are even vegan. Everything I tried worked very well on my hair. Also, design-related, all products are similar. Conspicuous packaging can not be found here, but simple products where it says what is inside. For the hair products from Scandinavia, there is currently rightly a hype and I recommend you even try something out of it. Your hair will love it.

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The best hair products from Scandinavia


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