That’s how I recognize a good shampoo

<pre>That's how I recognize a good shampoo

That’s how I recognize a good shampoo

You are looking for a good shampoo for your hair? Here I explain how you can find the right shampoo for your hair types and really save money!

Whether shampoo, conditioner or masks – I get sent every day many hair products and now have experience in recognizing a good shampoo. This technique can actually be applied to all hair products, but I’ll explain it here using the example of the shampoo.

Know your most important hair needs

So, roughly, you probably already know what you expect from a shampoo. But have you ever considered it so well? A shampoo is basically used at the base. So it is important that you know the needs of your scalp. Is it going to go down quickly? Is she flaky, dry or itchy? Your most important needs should be included in choosing the right shampoo.

By the way: Did you know that there are dry and greasy scales? Dry dandruff needs gentle, nourishing cleansing, while greasy dandruff needs a cleansing and regenerating shampoo.

Find a possible shampoo selection

Most online stores have wonderful filters. There you can limit the huge selection of shampoos until you have only a small selection left. This is especially important for me in my workplace noticed. There are so many products there that it’s hard to keep track!

If I want to find a shampoo for a special hair need, I go there on the category hair and then shampoos. There I can adjust so many filters until only 4-5 shampoos are left. With these few shampoos I will then go through the next steps.

That's how I recognize a good shampoo  Check the ingredients of the shampoo

What is in the fragrant and foaming cleaners? There really is no excuse for carcinogenic and polluting ingredients in 2017 anymore. Not that there ever was a plausible explanation, but nowadays we can inform ourselves about everything and we should do that.

The page has its own category for shampoos, which lists around 14977 shampoos. There you can see if your shampoo can harm you and the environment. Here you will find the list of shampoos, But you can also simply enter your shampoo in the search box on the top right.

Inform and find the perfect shampoo

Amazon is my personal search engine for customer reviews. For every product there are reviews on Amazon and they have helped me with many buying decisions. It may well be worthwhile to enter a shampoo on Amazon shortly before you buy it. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of the many reviews. But if you want to be satisfied with your shampoo in the long term, this effort is well worth it!

That's how I recognize a good shampoo


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