SOS Hair care after sunbathing

<pre>SOS care after sunbathing

Summer, sun, beach or badi: What does the soul good, unfortunately strains our skin and hair. With the right products sun-stressed skin and hair can be restored to its best. In the best case, this even extends the tan.

Heat, UV rays, salt and chlorine water, remove the much-needed moisture. After Sun products help soothe and soothe the skin, while sunscreen products ensure that the skin and hair are not burdened by the sun. Here are the best products for SOS care after sunbathing.

Hair care after sunbathing

The hair is particularly dry after intensive sunbathing. In addition, the salt and chlorine water can bleach your hair. So that they continue to look healthy and well-groomed, we need different products that even out the moisture in the hair.

Gentle shampoo: Because the hair is already strained by the suns anyway, you need to force a gentle shampoo for cleansing. The Schwarzkopf BC Sun shampoo soothes sun-stressed hair and scalp.

Conditioner with extra moisture: After sunbathing it is important that the hair regain moisture. The two-phase spray BC Sun Spray Conditioner von Schwarzkopf unravels the hair and provides it with a UV protection. The product is not rinsed out. By the way, Schwarzkopf always offers a practical BC Sun – Protect Travel Kit with products in travel size.

SOS Hair care after sunbathing

Hair Mask: If the hair is exposed to the sun longer, helps against brittle and dried hair only an intensive hair mask. The Redken Color Extend Sun – After Sun Mask moisturizes deeply, provides combability and repairs sun-damaged hair. An application of 1-2 times a week is recommended.

Aftersund fluid: After the hair has been nourished and gunned, they still lack the intensive care for regeneration. The Wella SP Sun – After Sun Fluid gives hair extra stability and moisture. The natural shine is restored. The fluid is massaged into damp hair and not rinsed out. Incidentally, it is also suitable for the skin.

Skin care after sunbathing

After Sun products support the self-repair of the skin. The skin needs a lot of moisture and products for regeneration after sunbathing. Especially for the face, products against premature skin aging are particularly important as the sun accelerates the skin aging process. With the right products, the process can be slowed down.

SOS Hair care after sunbathing

Face mask: Masks are especially important during intense sunbathing. They penetrate deeper into the skin and repair from the inside. The Le Masque – Calming & After-Sun Facemask helps the skin to regenerate, moisturizes and protects against premature skin aging caused by environmental influences. An application once a week is recommended.

After Sun care for the face: In summer, our face is also exposed to the UV rays, if we do not sunbathe intensely. Therefore, it is important that especially in the warm season, a care is used, which counteracts the damaging effects of the sun. The Biotherm Sun – Glée Après Soleil Visage Has a moisturizing texture, refreshes the skin and milder the feeling of heat. In addition, the care ensures an even and long-lasting tan.

After Sun Care for the body: Of course, the body needs intensive care like face and hair. Of the Clarins Sun – After Sun Moisturizers Ultra Hydrating Balm Preserves the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. Special plant extracts reduce sun-induced skin irritation and provide the skin with intensive moisture.

SOS Hair care after sunbathing

Sun protection is important!

The effect of the sun’s rays is often underestimated. Because we all only have one skin, it is important that we also care for and protect them well. On my face in the summer is always a product with integrated SPF applied and as soon as I’m in the sun for more than a few minutes, I protect the rest of the body with sunscreen. Meanwhile, there are many great products that leave no uncomfortable feeling on the skin and feel more like a body lotion. Protecting and caring for the skin is important!

SOS Hair care after sunbathing


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