Skin and hair care for the holidays

<pre>Skin and hair care for the holidays

Every year beauty products rob us of too much space in the suitcase. But what we really need and what could actually stay at home. I picked out a few products that you have on vacation necessarily have to have it.

sun protection

Skin and hair care for the holidays

A well-protective sunscreen for the face and body is certainly the most important thing for a holiday by the sea, in the mountains or during sightseeing. Also a sunscreen product for the hair belongs in the suitcase. Make sure you have a high enough sun protection factor and apply the sunscreen several times a day. In addition, the sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before sunbathing so that it can also move in well.

After sun

Skin and hair care for the holidays

Also a must are After Sun products and also here for the skin and hair. Especially after sunbathing the skin needs a lot of moisture and care. After Sun products soothe and help the skin to regenerate. Of course, you can just use a very moisturizing body lotion. It does not necessarily have to be an After Sun product. Creaming after sunbathing is an absolute must.

Facial care during the holidays

Skin and hair care for the holidays

Of course you do not have to do without make-up despite lack of space in the luggage and certainly not on care products. Here I would recommend you to pack products that have a double effect, such as the Clinique Moisture Surge – Extended Thirst Relief, The cream is perfect as a day care under the sunscreen or as an over night mask. Conveniently, it is also available as a mini version. Incidentally, one can also save space with the right amount of space Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair – Intense Recovery Ampoules, Simply pack an ampoule for every other day and the skin is optimally taken care of. Because the sunscreen should not be applied directly under the eyes is here super eye care like that of Dermalogica Specialties – Total Eye Care with SPF 15, Of course, cleansing is also very important and so that you become beautiful brown you should exfoliate the skin regularly. Again, there are with the Clinique Pep-Start – 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser a great 2 in 1 products that cares and peels.

Holiday make-up

Skin and hair care for the holidays

During the holidays, one voluntarily foregoes a lot of make-up. So that you can have a nice time, a bronzer or highlighter and a powder are super handy. If it still has something SPF like that Estée LauderDouble Wear – Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup with LSF10 It is perfect for the holidays. By the way, bronzer and highlighter can also be used as eyeshadows. A lipstick is also a must.

Holiday Hair Styling

When it comes to the heat, you can just leave hairdressers and hair dryers at home. Instead you can dry your hair or braid your hair. This gives a nice look and is even more gentle on the hair.

Much more beauty products are not needed for the holidays. Meanwhile, there are already many products in travel size or if your favorite product is only available in full size, simply fill the products into small empty containers.

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Skin and hair care for the holidays