Silver products: hair without yellowing

<pre>Silver products: hair without yellowing

That I love hair products against the anti-yellow cast, should now be known. Because I’ve been using a variety of silver products for a long time, it’s time for an update. My current products and current routine are now available here.

Blonde or not?

Basically, I would not call myself a blonde. My natural hair color is brown, which has recently become apparent again. My tips, or rather the lower half of the hair, are bleached and lightened. Something between Ombré Hair and Balayage. Actually, I’m half a blonde.

Because cool sounds are better, I have been using silver products for years. They ensure that not only the bleached part remains cool, but also my upper hair, so the brown part. My “natural brown” has the urge to red-brown, which I do not like at all.

Silver products: hair without yellowing

Hair shampoos against yellowness

My favorite silver shampoo, that L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Silver – Shampoo, I have been in use for years. This is the new one recently Goodbye Yellow Shampoo by Schwarzkopf come. The Goodbye Yellow is more pigmented than that Expert Silver, It has to be diluted with water, otherwise it is too strong and the hair quickly turns purple. The Goodbye Yellow comes to me so every 1-2 weeks times used. The Expert Silver Shampoo I need practically every other hair wash. In between I wash my hair with a normal shampoo.

Silver products: hair without yellowing

Anti-yellowing hair care

Even during the care you can protect the hair from yellowing. For me, therefore, after the hair wash a lot Kérastase Réflection – Touche Chromatique Cool Blonde for use. The concentrate is mixed with a mask or conditioner and then applied to wet hair. After a short exposure time, it is rinsed out again. Through the concentrate so every conditioner and mask to the anti-yellow cast product. From the drugstore I use that California Blond by Dessange Paris, The Color Correcting Cream is also like a mask and neutralizes the yellow cast.

Silver products: hair without yellowing

color restoration

I go to the barber every 6-8 weeks. Sometimes I feel like refreshing my hair in between and giving it a slightly cooler tone. I really need that for that Color Refresh – Pearl Silver 0.20 by Maria Nila, Here I have written about it ever before a post. For a quick color refresh I like to use the Schwarzkopf Blondes -Instant Blush Blonde Beautifier Steelblue, The immediate effect spray neutralizes the yellowish tinge and will last until the next hair wash.

These are my current favorite products for a nice, cool hair color.

Silver products: hair without yellowing


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