John Frieda – repair damaged hair

<pre>John Frieda - repair damaged hair

The new hair care line from John Frieda offers perfect repair – from strained to repaired. What the new products can do is available here.

Blond is more than just a hair color. Hardly any hair color is so versatile and offers as many options as blond. No matter whether it is about transforming damaged hair into healthy glowing blond, achieving a lighter blond, or achieving maximum diversity of facets: Sheer blond offers a unique product range for all needs.

Brand new there is the care series Sheer Blonde Perfect RepairI received for testing. Further Sheer Blonde Products are Go blonde. Brilliant shine and Color Correct,

John Frieda - repair damaged hair

Sheer Blonde Perfect Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

The perfectly matched shampoos and conditioners cleanse the hair gently and care for the hair. Damaged hair is repaired and shines in a new glow. The contained silk proteins give the hair a silky hair feel.

Sheer Blonde Perfect Repair Repairing Intensive Care

Damaged hair always needs an intensive cure or a mask. The intensive treatment with silk proteins nourishes the hair in depth and strengthens it. The cure should be used once a week.

Sheer Blonde Perfect Repair Express Spray Cure

The practical spray cure can be used after each hair wash or for the care kick in between. The treatment protects and strengthens the hair and ensures immediate combing.

John Frieda - repair damaged hair

John Frieda has a large product range and different care lines for every hair need. Straight blond or lightened hair needs a lot of care. Even though I’m not quite blonde, the products fit very well with my hair and give them a silky hair feel again.

The products of John Frieda have a great value for money and they think absolutely every hair need.

John Frieda - repair damaged hair


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