3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves


Today we have the last post about hair and hairstyles and there we talk about methods how to create curls or waves with different tools. Ready? Go!

In a previous post, I have already shown you my favorite method, how to make curls without heat, namely socks! (Here to my post “Sock Curls”). He arrived very well and that’s why I wanted to show you some more methods, both with and without heat.

Braided braids

3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves

(By the way, I do not have a rash on my neck, that’s my ‘stork bite’ that I’ve got since I’m in the world.: D)

Braids are not only beautiful, if you release the braids after a while, you have beautiful waves, big or small, depending on what braids you have braided and how many.

3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves

I like to do that because not only do I have waves, but also quite a lot of volume, so that my hair turns into a real mane.

3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves

I prefer to braid myself two French braids (I’ve talked about it in the last post) and add some mousse. After that, the braids stay loose for eight hours. Sure, it’s not the fastest method, but the result lasts a long time. You can wear these braids all day long, at school or work, and then open in the evening when it’s time for a party, or you can sleep with it and wake up the next morning with a little lion’s mane or gentle waves.

Small tip: The more braids you have, the smaller the waves and the more voluminous are your hair, but watch out: The hair could then look very dry and frizzy.

Braided plait and flat iron

3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves

If you want to have nice waves in the morning but have forgotten to plait braids in the evening, you may be able to help yourself with a flat iron or a hair dryer. Even if your hair is dry, it blows off briefly, that they are nice and warm and then braids them in the braids, which should then bewae your waves. Let the braids cool down and then you can go over the braids again with the straightener to warm them up again. Then let it cool down again and then you will also have waves, unfortunately, without any guarantee that they last long.

3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves


3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves

Editing the hair with a curling iron can sometimes take a long time and if you do not have a very thick appliqué, you can get smaller curls out there than you would like. With a straightening iron you can create big waves or curls. The advantage is that you can work in a time-saving way, because with a straightening iron you can easily machine even large strands. You may need to get something out of the spin (literally), but if you’re practiced in it, it’s quick

The fast method with the curling iron

To work with the curling iron is sometimes really tedious. I recently use one of the devices that practically absorbs the strand and spits it out again as Locke. It saves me a lot of time, but in my opinion, it still lasts far too long if I just want to have natural curls.

If it has to go fast, I tie my hair in a very high ponytail that he is practically exactly on the head and then start to lure the strands. That saves me half the time and then you have a natural, not perfect result.

So these were my variations. I would like to give you a little advice: Please always use a heat protection for the hair in the heat and does not put the devices on the strongest level.

Otherwise you come here again to my socks curls, This method can also be easily modified and instead of socks, take papilots or aluminum foil or kitchen roll paper.

That’s it from me.

Until next time.

Lisa ♥

3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves

3 methods for curly hairstyle and hair waves


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